Lazylara Home

Just when you thought…. you had to be a quiet hostage to someone else’s laziness.  Lazy shouldn’t pay but maybe its time overexposure to it did.

Now we aren’t talking about people who are going through a hard time or haven’t had proper training….   we are talking about genuinely lazy people who want something for nothing.

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Maybe these words ring true:

Work would go much smoother

If we’d all just understand

That you often need a hand

As you’ve been wronged by the world of life

No one else could ever have that kind of strife

And you’ve been wronged by the world of work

Work for pay must have been designed by a jerk

Training, training, you didn’t get enough training

Forever doing your work is where we were waning

So go ahead take personal liberties on work time

You are surely owed every dime

Continue to quickly criticize when others do wrong

How did we make it without you for so long

No more of us challenging your dodges and lies

Our role is to have subservient ties

Work is simply your bigger than life soother.  :’)